It is of great importance that a profile can resist the right forces, and that it has the exact geometry. If this is not the case, this may cause unpleasant surprises during later processing. To prevent all of this, the profiles are carefully checked on shear value (T-value) and if the profile has the correct geometry. This way we ensure that your profiles can resist the right forces and have the correct geometry.

Prior to processing, the profiles are also carefully checked for damage that may have occurred at a previous stage. This way we make sure not to add any unnecessary value to the profile.


To prevent the profile from possible damage in a later stage of processing, we can apply a protective tape on the sides of the profile. With the protective tape, change of damage is kept as small as possible.


With over 30 years of experience in insulating aluminium profiles, we know what to look out for. This experience, in combination with the best-in-market machines, ensures that you can always expect a high-quality insulated profile!

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